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Step by Step Guidance to Control Time and Create the Life You Want in 2022

Join us May 19th, 2022 5 pm pst/8 pm est

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Thank you again, Lisa, for hosting such a great chat! I appreciate you!

Thank YOU, Lisa! It was a great webinar, and I can't wait until the next one. Have a great month!

Discover the Tools for Abundance, Fulfillment and Joy in Life

Do you want to create an intentional life for 2022 by controlling time?

You deserve to lead a life where you are no longer a slave to time, but a master of it.

To advance in life and achieve your goals and dreams for the future, you learn to harness the power of time in your daily life.  

By learning the 4 key steps to controlling time throughout your day, you’ll live your life with intention, meaning and purpose— manifesting what you want and seeing your dreams materialize. 

That’s what this Spiritual Time Webinar is designed to help you do!

Master Time For Your Highest Calling

When You Join The Free, Spiritual Time Webinar You'll Learn how to Create A Different Kind of Daily Life, OnE That:


... energizes you with a daily morning practice to lead you step-by-step through creating your day each day, that manifests the live you want.

... guides you with simple daily practices to help you control time as you go through your day facing challenges, deadlines and setbacks where you overcome them in real time to live the day you desire

… allows you to change how you experience time, reversing negative thoughts and harnessing your dreams while you sleep.

…connects you with an entire community of people who are themselves mastering their lives by mastering time, waiting to support you and cheer you on!

The best part? It’s free! Come with curiosity, an open mind and a willingness to lead with your heart. Lisa will guide you through the rest!


Limited Spots Available


Thank you again for the webinar! I am looking forward to the next one! I am sharing the word about your book with my friends and loved ones and I am looking forward to them joining your next webinar as well!

How It Works

When you participate in Lisa’s Spiritual Time Webinar on May 19, you’ll learn how to apply the actual exercises included in the book All the Time in The World which will set you up to control time on a daily basis throughout the coming year.

Lisa will guide you through them, one by one, personalizing them to answer your questions and address your obstacles.  What’s more, you learn foundational information about  what time really is and WHY you can control it with your mind and your heart.  

As you go through the exercises and learn how to apply them on a daily basis to your life, you’ll find yourself moving to a new level where your mind will be fueled with an endless source of inspiration, intuition, insight and innovation, so that you begin and travel through each new day with ease and grace throughout the coming year.

What You’ll Experience… For Free

THURSDAY MAY 19, 2022 5 pm pst / 8 pm est

Live Your Day In Advance

A daily practice to help you live each day in advance, as though you are dancing through a ballet of all the things you need to do, with everything occurring just as you would like, each day.

Daily Guided Practices

Practices to you control time as you go through your day facing challenges, deadlines and setbacks where you overcome them in real time to live the day you desire—practices you can do even if imagery challenges you.

Reversing Negativity

A daily end-of-day practice to reverse any negative experiences you may have had during the day, instead changing the outcomes to be what you desire, so that negativity doesn't spill over into another day.

Nighttime Practices

Practices you can do each night to set you up for the coming day where you live out your dreams.

Slowing Down Time

Techniques to literally slow down time so you have all the time you need to accomplish what you want.

Community Support

Access to an entire community of generous, heart-centered people, just waiting to support you!

Prizes & Giveaways

PRIZES and GIVEAWAYS—just what you need to put tools into practice.


Limited Spots Available


Hi, I’m Lisa Broderick

Best-selling author, creator of All The Time In The World Book and a passionate creator of time and experiences.

It’s true. I’ve been researching and learning to control time for over 30 years!

Time is something that controls our lives, and about which we know almost nothing.  I learned to change that by tapping into the subconscious mind and letting you, the experiencer of time, control how it flows. 

I created this free webinar to help you learn to control time for yourself, which is the first step in learning to master ourselves, allowing us to welcome an amazing  transformation for your life.

Over our hour together, we’ll open a portal to the spirituality of time and use it to create more abundance, fulfillment and joy in your life by literally imagining your own future in a way that’s more magical and expansive than anything you could have imagined. 

I can’t wait to get started!




Limited Spots Available


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